Innovation Preparatory International Academy


Preparatory - Grade 12

Welcome to IPREP

The Innovation Preparatory International Academy – (IPREP) is a private school providing 21st Century access to an international curriculum with focus on the integration of STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) hands-on learning activities in Early Childhood through High School. In addition to these core areas of learning, Technology, World Studies and Ethics are also taught with a solid foundation at an early age.

At IPREP, we equip our learners in Preparatory – Grade 12 for the future with creativity, problem-solving skills and about being responsible citizens caring for the environment.

Our Programs

Learners in every grade take part in club activities in addition to their core subjects


The Standards and Benchmarks taught in ​Preparatory - Grade 12 lead the way to educational success.


Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics

Arts Club

Creative & Performing Arts - Dance, Poetry, Drama & Music

Jet Club

Technology - Coding, Graphic Design & Science

Literary Club

Debate, Spelling Cheetah & Quizzing

Press Club

Cheetah News Network - Print, E-News, Audio - Visual, Journalism

Kiddies Club

Environmental Conservation, Gardening

Health Club

Health, Hygiene, Safety & Sanitation

Reading Club

Reading readiness program using SQ3R

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